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Thanks Trina! Glad you're enjoying the blog! We are hoping to Skype with the kids soon!

Joyce, Thank you for the heads up on Halong Bay. We took your advice and booked a great boat. It made all the difference!


what a delight! Saturday morning and reading your travel stories, Alain! This was magically delicious (for boo.) I hope all of your blogs are this good. No doubt they will be. Thanks for taking all of us along!! xoxo to you and boo.


You are not kidding the booze is terrible, Edwige and I kept wondering WHY if we spent $10 or $30 was the wine sooooooo bad.
Cocktails not so bad in agood bar.
Beware Halong Bay, every junk looks gorgeous in the brochure and then all of a sudden they look old and beat up

Alain G. Mahmoud

Thanks, Andy. See you next month in Bangkok!

Andy Chatman

Alain this photo of you is surreal -- just spectacular. Keep smiling and relish the adventure!!

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