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Trey Stephany

The DW Ranch just isn't the same without you kids. Can't wait to come visit. Nice job on the blog.

Judy Stephany

Boo and Alain, we LOVE that you have begun this blog. Love you and miss you!!

paul moore

maybe it tastes like fish.. but it is all snake..welcome to asia!

Andy C

Loving the blog!


Gina--that was the jet lag talking! Hahaha! I swear that's what I thought it said! :)

paul moore

nice start, I will enjoy this adventure of yours!

Gina Bucci

ok really.......double head snake????? cannot wait to see pics!


i will Jay! Internet here is slow and i am having a hard time loading pictures :)
Hope you and Kelly are well. xoxo


please post a picture of a double head snake fish. L&K j

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