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Lisa Sykes

you know, I am so glad you are okay and I understand your thoughts of anger if there is a consequence to anger/hate etc. Rightly, the men that robbed you may have bad karma coming to them as well -- one can hope. Maybe, in small way, this will turn their life around. Boo is such a good person that having her "stuff" maybe it will rub off.... Enough said.... My name is Earl and fate will punish you for all the bad things you do in life.

Okay, on another note....have you thought of writing a book? Your writing is wonderful and thank gwad for "word look up" b/c I had to do that a few times in your blog.

Love you guys and can't wait to see you.

laurie lanphere spahalski

am glad everyone is okay and only a few scrapes and bruises. Stay safe both of you.

Andy C.

After reading of the experience, I'm really happy neither of you were hurt. As you rightly said, you are both very lucky. The longer I spend here, the more I find myself becoming complacent about possible trouble -- it's natural no matter where you're living or visiting.

It's the rest of your thoughts (after you described the incident) that interest me, and I look forward to discussions in person back in Bangkok.


Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you're both OK. I'll think good thoughts tonight ;-)

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